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Designers of Elegant Concrete ! 

Specializing in Decorative Concrete Resurfacing 

  Driveways , Walkways , Patios , Pool Decks , Car-Ports  and Retaining Walls

Are you tired of that plain, old ,aged concrete slab look ? Do you have oil stains, mildew or cracks in your  existing walkways, patios, driveways or pool decks? We can change those existing problems cost effective!

Concrete Coating Concepts can repair and resurface your existing concrete with out the expense of ripping out and replacing your concrete. Finally, a concrete finish that combines beauty, durability and cost effective--all in one. Our Concrete Coating  System is a combination of  Modified Acrylic and Latex Resins blended with Specially formulated Portland cement We combine the strength of cements with the durability and bonding power of Latex as well as acrylics.  A penetrating sealer is applied to provide superb durability, weather and UV resistance to ensure a long lasting product life. Designed to improve new or old concrete with strong, long lasting decorative concrete protection.  Ideally suited for residential and Commercial, it levels and restores old surfaces and adds years of life to new ones, Besides having a tough finish, Our Coatings add beauty to any working or living environment.  Create your own design through a wide variety of available custom colors, styles, and methods of application.  Concrete Coating Concepts let you enhance virtually any concrete surface at a fraction of the cost of replacement. For more information just click on any of the links on the left of the page. There you will find, Photos showing the before and after jobs,  literature on maintenance and durability also where to find your local representative for a free on site inspection.

In Tennessee call  Wade Mathews @ (615) 869-9869

In North Carolina call Mike Mathews @ ( 828)645-0011


For a Free OnSite Estimate Please call one of our Offices. Asheville ,N.C.Call Mike Mathews at 828-645-0011    In  Murfreesboro,Tn Call Wade Mathews at 615-869-9869  Thank You for looking at out Concrete Coatings


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